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Check out how to contact Kai here for any scheduling or service related questions.

For Individuals:

  • Private Lessons (1 hour)
    • Student: $40
    • Non-Student: $60
    • $1/min under 1 hour
  • Video Critiques ​
    • $10 per 15 min increment

Customer Survey/Feedback:
Want to create a better flow of communication between you and your attendees? Kai himself loves to get feedback so that he can grow, and he wants to help you get meaningful and useful feedback from your attendees, your staff members, or both. With Kai’s assistance you can craft surveys and gather information that will allow you to optimize your website, empower you to meet the needs of your attendees and your staff, help you create a schedule that is both enjoyable and practical, and much more. Asking the right questions is both an art and a science, just like dance!
Data Analytics:
Want your event to run efficiently and smoothly? Data is power, but only if you gather it! You may want to know the average running time of your competitions, the age distribution of your attendees, and much more. Let him know your event goals, and he will figure out what data to consider collecting. Kai can also work with you to evaluate your schedule to ensure that your event runs on time, to check that your staff members are not double-booked or over-booked, and to make sure that your target attendees can get to all the workshops planned for them.
Want to make your website more manageable? Having trouble syncing information between your website and Facebook event page? Want to limit the number of questions such as “where and when can I register”? Kai will gladly create a plan to optimize your website design. He will show you where to consolidate information to make your site easier to maintain and also easier for your attendees to access the information that is important to them.
Video recording and streaming is quickly becoming standard practice. Some event directors like to use it for advertising, some want to make the event accessible for those who can’t make it in person, and others just want to archive all those legendary moments! Every event is different, and there are plenty of options to choose from. Kai can help with all aspects of decision-making and implementation: recording and/or streaming your event, planning when/what/who to record, publishing and/or archiving recordings for future use or advertisement, and much more.
Tech Consultation:
Have an idea but not sure how to execute it? Have a problem but don’t know how to tackle it? With his degree in computer science and his love of problem-solving, Kai is the consultant, researcher, and solution finder you need!
Newcomer Programs:
Kai loves working with new dancers, and he wants to help you get newcomers involved at your event. Creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and accessible to newer dancers is so important, and requires careful thought and planning. With Kai’s help you can develop or revamp your newcomer programs, specifically tailoring them to your event and community goals. Kai will be thrilled to work directly with your newcomers and guide them through the event weekend. Happy newcomers means more people returning to your event!
"Innovation is the ultimate weapon."


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