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Kaiano Levine, aka DJ Marvel, has been developing his craft since January 2016. His number one goal is to provide dancers with a fun variety of songs and a unique musical experience on any given night, while staying true to the people, the event, and the venue. Due to his ability to read the room and get a feel for different communities, Kai has developed a large following in the Boston area and a reputation for providing crowd-pleasing and innovative sets. He loves introducing dancers to new music, and seeing their reactions to songs they haven't heard or danced to before. Want to know where Kai will deejay next? Check it out here!

Check out how you can reach Kai here for any scheduling questions.

"I've seen and done many strange things!
I've understood some of what's transpired, not all!
But it's started me thinking!... and perhaps that
was all I needed!"

-Mar-Vell a.k.a. Captain Marvel