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Super Short Biography

I was Born.

I put on dance shoes.

Now I'm a engineering-DJ-dancer.

Short Biography

With no prior dance experience, Kyle made his first plunge into dance in 2013 when he started West Coast Swing.  Dancing did not come easy to him, but he quickly fell in love with the Boston community.  Once he realized how much technique there was in West Coast Swing, he was able to use his athletic background and technical mindset to his advantage. 


In September 2014, Kyle was given the opportunity to start teaching West Coast Swing at the Beginner and Intermediate levels.  As a trained engineer, he loves focusing on in-depth technique in his own dance, and brings that viewpoint into his lessons.  Kyle has also been developing as a DJ, throughout the Boston area, since January 2016.  He loves introducing new music to the Boston area and seeing the reactions of everyone experiencing the new songs. 


Kyle's number one goal is to provide dancers with a fun and unique variety of music on any given night. 

When Kyle isn’t dancing, he can be found writing software for robots at QinetiQ North America.

Long Biography

"Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk."

-Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man

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