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The proof is in the pudding...

...well in this case Playlist.

Check out the tunes that were spun by DJ Marvel AKA Kyle Lapatin!

You can also follow him on Spotify.

You will "Marvel" at his music!

Kyle LaPatin (MA) has been developing as a DJ, throughout the Boston area, since January 2016.  Although he is a relatively new DJ, he has developed a large following in the Boston community.  Kyle loves introducing new music to the venues he plays at and seeing the reactions of everyone experiencing the new songs.  His number one goal is to provide dancers with a fun and unique variety of music on any given night.  

Kyle Lapatin is available for hire to DJ.


Email with any scheduling questions.

"I've seen and done many strange thing!

I've understood some of what's transpired, not all!

But it's started me thinking!... and perhaps that

was all I needed!"

-Mar-Vell a.k.a. Captain Mar-Vell

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